Sunday, November 29, 2015

What a week

Hello my loved ones!
Okay I seriously don't even want to talk about how I hit my half way
mark this week....I got emails from both Josh and Dad. Haha. I was
talking to some of the sisters in our ward who I've gotten very close
to and they have served missions too and they asked me if ive taken a
nine month you can guess what that is...and yes! I took
one, but when I send it goes nowhere but to mom haha. But it's funny.

Anyway,  this week was pretty hard I'm not going to lie. Again. But we
had some comical moments that helped to lighten everything up. We did
however still see many miracles! Definitely tender mercies from the
Lord. So earlier in the week you know we went to Susquehanna which I
am still dreaming of going back to by the way. And we'll the next day
we went on exchanges. Which was very fun! But then on the way back to
end our exchange we had a sad experience. So a few weeks ago if you
remember I told you of a total miracle investigator. And well right
after transfers she started telling us that she couldn't commit to
coming to three hours of church every week for whatever reason. And
then she didn't show up for our lesson we had scheduled with her which
really worried me. Then we couldn't get a hold of her for an entire
week. Then only to have her text us this week with some terrible
things to say to us, which I won't repeat because they were that bad.
Simply put she went from very very interested and almost getting
baptized to anti. All within a matter of three weeks. It was all very
upsetting for me, because I had come to care for my sister in such a
short amount of time. I knew satan would work on her as he does with
everyone who is seeking light and truth but I honestly did not think
he would be able to dissuade her so quickly. And we don't know how why
or what happened to make her that way. But it breaks my heart that she
chose to believe whatever lies were told to her. I just pray the Lord
will soften her heart. Amidst all of this happened I found myself
becoming discouraged. Wondering if I had done all that I could to
teach her, to help her, and to allow her to feel the spirit. And for a
short little while, I didn't know if I did. But then as Sister Abana
and I thought about it, she came to three sessions of conference. She
had a miraculous experience with the Book of Mormon. She defended
Joseph Smith in hostile situations. She clearly felt the spirt and
understood the scriptures when we taught her. And she even bore to us
her testimony of these things that we had taught her. I finally
realized after praying long and hard that yes, I did do all that I
could. I fulfilled my purpose but she still has her agency. But it
still hurt. To watch someone resist what they know is true and what
they note their testimony about. It was devastating for me at least.
But I found comfort when reading Jacob 5:49 where even the Lord of the
vineyard says "...for I have done all. What could I have done more for
my vineyard?" I'm not the only one who has ever asked that question. I
know that I did all I could but maybe it just wasn't time for her yet.
In a day to come she will know, I know that.

Then a funny experience which was not so funny when it happened. First
of all so a few weeks ago after transfers we were on our way back from
the Mission home but we didn't have a GPS and we got lost in
Philly...😳...most terrifying thing ever. It's a fun city but not when
you are in traffic. So we got lost and the assistants had to come and
save us. And so then on Friday, after we woke up and we're getting
ready to leave the apartment to go out and exercise...we prayed, and
then walked out the door and it took me about 2 minutes to realize
that I left the keys in the apartment! After we locked the door behind
us...😱 I was mortified that I made such a mistake. So then we tried
to contact someone at the front office but no one was there at 6:30am!
So the. Eventually the assistants had to come and save us...again.
With a spare key but by this time it was 10:00am. So it's safe to say
that I had a little bit of a melt down because I mean seriously who
locks themselves out of their apartment?!? I was more worried about
wasting time. But as the assistants came up they were just laughing
because they thought it was funny to see sisters in sweatshirts and
sweats. But along with the spare key they also brought comfort cookies
because they knew I was so embarrassed and frustrated that they had to
come and save me again. So it's kind of a joke that the Assistants
always have to come and save sister Callaway now...☹️ but anyway, we
eventually got in and then all was well after that!

We are still having a lot of success here even though I feel like I'm
messing it all up😕 haha. And especially since our ward has so many
babies that just makes everything better! I love this ward so much!
Well that's about all for this week! Sorry it's not all as spiritual
as last weeks but I hope this one makes you laugh

But in all seriousness, I know this gospel is true. And I know that
the Lord is mindful of each of us and our needs and struggles. I felt
that more in this week than I have on a long time. I love this gospel
and I know it is true with all that I am.

I love you all so so much!! Until next week!

~Sister Amy Callaway~

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