Thursday, November 12, 2015


Hello everyone!

Sorry I don't have much time! We went to Philly today and it was so
fun! Pictures to come... Anyway this week was pretty good. And we had
a pretty big miracle this week!

So Tuesday evening we had gone to try and contact a Head Quarters
referral we had received a few days before. This woman requested a
Book of Mormon, and so we had intended to go and drop it off for her.
Well she lives in an apartment right about a bunch of shops but there
is no way that she would hear us knocking. So we went back a few for a
few days checking with the lady who owns the florist shop, we asked
her if Dawn lived there and she said she wasn't home. So after a few
attempts at trying to contact Dawn, we asked if we could leave the
Florist with the Book of Mormon that Dawn had requested and if she
would be willing to give it to her. So quickly I wrote down my simple
testimony and right as I finished I had the most simple thought to
write down our phone number in the Book of Mormon. So I did and we
left of with the woman and then left. Well then a few hours later as
we finished dinner I saw that we had missed a call on the phone. So I
listened to the voice mail and it was Dawn! And in the message one of
the things she said was "I want to join your church." Immediately I
called her back and she explained to me how she had met with
Missionaries a few years ago and almost joined but then for whatever
reason fell away before she got baptized. I asked her if we could come
and visit her right then and she said  "of course!" We went over to
her home and she let us in and we taught her The Restoration. And she
said she was so grateful that I left the number because she didn't
have any way of contacting us. I asked her if the florist women had
ever given her the card we left her and she told us, "no, I didn't
know you left a card for me. She probably threw it out. She doesn't
like Mormons. But I'm grateful you wrote the number down because
otherwise I wouldn't have known how to get a hold of you." She
continued to tell us how she didn't feel comfortable going to any
other church besides ours and how after some experiences in her life
she feels like she owes it to her Heavenly Father to follow Him and
become part of His church. I was just beaming because of her
enthusiasm and I knew that Heavenly Father had prepared her for this.
We invited her to be baptized right then and there and without
hesitation she said "yes!" And the next thing out of her mouth was
"When can you come back? I want to learn all I can." So then we went
back and taught her again on Friday.  She is so prepared!! She will be
baptized on November 8! And I can't wait! Then she came to three
sessions of conference and she loved it! I am so excited for her! She
is great!

And quickly some of the things I loved from conference. I seriously
wrote a book with how many notes I took. First I loved Pres. Uchtdorf
and how his point was that living the gospel is simple. And it really
is. And along with that I have learned that the spirit is so simple
too. Being a missionary I am coming to realize just how simple and
gentle that still small voice of the spirit really is. An experience I
had this week demonstrates this. So this last week after Zone
Conference, where we talked a lot about using the Book of Mormon in
our finding efforts, and taking the opportunities the lord gives you
and making the most of them. I felt so motivated to just go out and
talk to everyone I could about the restored gospel. Conference ended
at about 5 and once we left we set out to try and contact a potential
investigator in our area. After we prayed and got out of the car there
was no one outside but an older man getting out of his car who looked
like we was struggling to carry things inside. We were quite a ways
away and from our position I knew my companions felt it would be an
awkward situation to yell at the man from all the way across the
parking lot but they know me and knew what I was about to do. So I
called to him from across the parking lot and surprised he turned
around and I jogged over to him asked if I could help him carry
anything and he said "no thank you." I engaged him in a conversation
about the Book of Mormon and testified simply, invited him to learn
more, only to have him reject my invitation and walk inside. But we
went to the next house of the potential, and no answer. But we stopped
and set up another appointment with a different potential. My
companions and I started walking back to the car, when they both got
into the car and as I placed my hand on the handle to open the door, I
stopped what I was doing and felt the most gentle and simple thought
that said "no, there's someone here you have to find."

Again I stopped and looked around and there was no one outside. How
was I to know which house to knock on? When I looked a little ways off
and saw the house in the corner with a red car parked outside. The
same simple thought came again and feeling in my heart that said "that
one." So I looked at my companions and said, "theres someone we have
to find here. Let's go knock on one more." As we approached the door
and knocked a young man answered the door. And the only thing I can
say is that my words were truly directed by the spirit because I had
not felt like I'd been able to speak that clearly in a while, although
I've tried despite my weaknesses. As we talked with him he seemed to
be very interested. We introduced him to the Book of Mormon and taught
a bit about The Restoration and he said, "I'm definitely very
interested. That's something I've been looking for a long time. Can we
set up a time to meet this week?" We did and will be teaching him
soon. As we walked back to the car one of my companions asked, "What
made you choose to knock on that house?" I replied, "that still,
small, and simple voice."

It was not an overwhelming feeling or a burning in the bosom, rather
it was truly that still, small voice that prompted me. I've had many
more experiences like that as well that I have noticed. But my
testimony is simple, it is that the gospel is simple. The spirit is
simple. Too often I have found myself looking for more complicated
answers but that is not how the Lord or the spirit works. If there is
one precious truth that I learned from this conference it is
this...the spirit, our covenants, and the commandments of God are what
are going to keep us safe and lead us home. But we MUST learn to
listen to the ever simple prompting a of the Holy Ghost in our lives.
I testify of that with all of my heart and soul. In the sacred name of
our Savior, Jesus Christ, whom I love so much. Amen.

Love you all! Until next week,
~Sister Amy Callaway~

Our District!--some pictures from conference that Sister Jolley
took!--and today in Philly with my two favorite little kiddos from our
Ward, Clarie and Boston! They're so cute! Oh and right in front of

ipIndependence Hall today!!

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