Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hello my beloved family!!

Hello my beloved family!!

So this week was pretty great well because......ONE OF OUR
exciting! There have been few times that I have ever felt the spirit
that strong. Her name is Lisa, and her story is quite remarkable. She
had been taught by missionaries about 4 or 5 years ago when the Elders
were here. And it was right before I got here that Sister Jolley found
her again after many missionaries had not been able to contact her for
years.Sister Jolley said that that day when they found her, Sister
Jolley and her companion almost didn't stop by when she suddenly she
felt prompted to turn the car around and go stop by. As they pulled up
Lisa was walking out of her house and said that she had been thinking
about the church a lot recently. And that she felt that she was ready
to finally "take the plunge." So once I got here that two transfers
ago was when we really started teaching Lisa. And we could plainly see
how the Lord was preparing her. She started giving up every addictive
habit she had before we even taught her the Word of Wisdom! It has
truly been a privilege and a blessing to witness the change that has
occurred in her. And I'm grateful for the opportunity I've had to
teach her. Yesterday at her baptism we got to stand on the steps and
watch her be baptized and we got to be there when she came out of the
font and I just cried...I never couldve imagined what it would feel
like to watch someone that I have come to love so much and someone
that I got to help and teach and watch struggle and overcome so many
things enter into the waters of baptism to make this first covenant
with our Heavenly Father. It's only the beginning for sure but it is a
great beginning. And I'm going to do everything in my power to help
her remain active and strong in the gospel. And it is amazing to me to
see what Lisa was willing to give up to follow the Savior. She gave up
so many things and stood strong in her decision to follow the Lord. I
am truly grateful to my Heavenly Father and humbled for Him allowing
me the opportunity to see her be baptized. I don't dare say that WE
had a baptism, it was not OUR baptism. We were simply her guides in
helping her to learn about the gospel and it was a great opportunity
that the Lord allowed me to be one of her guides to help her come unto

And also if I'm correct, no one has confirmed it for me yet but two of
my last investigators in my last area were scheduled to be baptized
yesterday!! Tony and Laura if you remember me talking about them, I
love them so much!! So that's technically 3 baptisms in one weekend!!
I am seriously just so dang happy right now!

Also we had two of our newest investigators at church yesterday! Their
names are Stephen and Lisa. And they are expecting a little baby boy
in December. They have been looking for a church and we found them and
have been teaching them for a while now. And they came to church and
loved it!! So o will keep you posted on their progress as well. I just
love them!

And as for something I have learned this week, yesterday in Relief
Society we watched a talk by John Bytheway from May 2015 given at the
Women's conference I believe. And I highly recommend it by the way.
But in it he talked all about Becoming. Becoming who the Lord intends
for us to become. And how through the gospel we can do exactly that.
This morning during studies Sister Abana was telling me what she
learned about Charity and how like my favorite verses in Moroni state
that when we develop Charity we become like our Savior. And when she
said that for some reason I immediately thought of The Lion King. And
the scene where Simba sees his Father appearing to him in the field
(which I think we are all familiar with and how gospel related it is)
But I also thought of the scene where Simba looks into the water and
he sees not his reflection but his Fathers instead. And I thought of
how symbolic that is for us. I also thought of the scripture in Alma 5
that asks "have he received His image in your countenance?" And that
hopefully in some future day we will be able to look up at our Savior
and find that we have become very much like him from tryin so hard to
do His work. I love the gospel more than anything and I am continually
learning and growing. I know this gospel is true with all of my heart
and I bear witness that the gospel is the only thing that will give us
eternal joy and happiness.

I love you all!! Until next week!
~Sister Amy Callaway~

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