Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hello family!!

Hello family!!

Well this week we great! Not much time but I just wanted to share some
cool experiences from this week. First of all earlier this week we
went to Mt. Holly to try and contact a referral we had received for a
woman named Carmen. We stopped by and gave her the bible she requested
and then also gave her a Book of Mormon. And we set up return
appointment for Sunday. Well we showed up yesterday and she wasn't
home...BUT! As we were walking we met her boyfriend named Julio. And
we got to talking with him and he said he has been looking for a
church for a while and that he would love to come check it out! And we
set up an appointment for today! So I will update you next week on
Carmen and Julio! They are awesome.

Also the women's broadcast was INCREDIBLE!!! So many answered
prayers!!! And since I could write and entire book about how much I
loved it I will just leave you all with one of my favorite quotes from
it... I can't remember the sisters name who said this 😁 but simply
she said

"What will it matter dear sisters, if in the end these trials are the
very things that help to qualify us for eternal life and exaltation?"

I loved that. Also Lisa, our recent convert came and she LOVED the
broadcast! She is so awesome and we just love her.

Also yesterday at church was so great! We had our investigator Lisa
there, and thenRick came too!! And he wore a sweater!! That sounds so
silly but really though, I thought of the scripture in Alma 37:6 "by
small and simple things are great things brought to pass." And so it
is with each of us. It's the small steps that truly show our
progression. Wearing a sweater is just one tiny step of progress that
we are so grateful for!! Especially for him :) so yes, let it be known
that Sister Callaway was excited that one of her investigators wore a
sweater to church :) also at church yesterday during RS one Sister was
giving the lesson and when I first got here this sister hadn't been to
church in years. And we taught her for a while and eventually she
started coming back to church. I was just grateful whole sitting there
watching this sister, I felt the spirit and I thought how I have seen
this sister progress so much. A sister who thought that the atonement
was so far beyond her reach, who had come back and was now teaching
her fellow sister in RS about the grace and mercy that she has
experienced from the atonement even after she thought it was so far
out of her reach. I love this area and love this Ward!! I know this
gospel is true and I love it more than anything! It's true! It's true!
Everything about it is true. And I pray we will share that knowledge
with as many people as we can.

Love you all! Until next week!
Sister Callaway

Oh and we may be going to Philly next week so that email might be even
shorter but I love you all!

Also I got some happy news this week...Tony and Laura from my last

area got baptized!!! :)

My conference buddy :)--Conference with my family :) (if you can see
the picture sitting right next to me haha)--and Independence Hall
today!! More pictures next week :)

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