Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hello loved ones

Hello loved ones!!

Okay so sorry I'm short on time but I seriously can hardly remember
what happened this week!
But it was a good one! Earlier this week we went on exchanges and it
was so weird because we are in a trio and so Sister Jolley and I went
to Vineland with Sister Hoofman and Sister Abana stayed here and took
over the area for the day with Sister Ipson. And it was weird because
I went on exchanges but I was still with one of my companions and it
just felt weird idk...anywho, exchanges were fun! And we'll the rest
of the week kind of seemed like a blur to be honest but we had a few

First of all we started having a The Book of Mormon class on Thursday
nights at one of my favorite families home. The Mass's are great and
they are converts of about 3 years and we started doing this The Book
of Mormon class and it is great for our recent converts! Lisa came and
she loved it! She is seriously so funny I wish you could meet her
because she is great.

Then we had a lesson with two of our investigators Steve and Lisa.
They are a young couple and are expecting a baby in December well this
week we had a lesson with them at the church with some of my other
favorite people out here. Brother and Sister Vancour and they are
expecting their first baby next month, anyway we taught Steve and Lisa
The Restoration. And Brother and Sister Vancour gave beautiful
testimonies of how the gospel has blessed their family. And sister V
gave a beautiful testimony on the impact and power of prayer. And with
that I also bore my testimony of the power of prayer. And the whole
lesson went very going well and once we got up to the first vision we
had Steve watch it and once it was finished we asked him how he felt
and he said "that just reminds me of myself. I feel it here. I feel
good like I belong here." I was just smilingly like a goober just to
hear him say that and I testified to him that that was the spirit. And
he continued on by saying "i would like to be baptized." And so With
that I formally extended the invitation to be baptized to them on
December 27, 2015 and they both accepted!! Steve said "yeah I like
that start off the new year with something great." He then offered the
closing prayer for us and it was a beautiful prayer. And afterward we
explained how we had met Lisa and Steve said " And it was funny that
the sisters met Lisa when they did because we were seriously that day
wondering what we were going to do to serve God. And then they met
Lisa. And I said this is something I really want to try." And they are
just so amazing and SO prepared!! And I am so so grateful that
Heavenly Father has allowed me the opportunity to find and teach them
the gospel. They are amazing and I know they will be baptized soon! So
please pray for them! I am grateful for the tender mercies of the
Lord. For I know He is so loving and merciful to the children of men.

We also were invited to the Vancours baby shower and we talked to
quite a few nonmembers there that have lots of potential. And the. We
ended the week with a great sabbath day. Steve and Lisa were there and
so was Rick! Which we were so grateful for! Heavenly Father is really
blessing us here in Medford!

Something I've learned of Diligence this week. I've learned that sour
diligence in keeping the Lords commandments shows our love for Him. No
matter how or where we serve if we are diligent in keeping the
commandments of the Lord we will have an indescribably joy that comes.
I can testify of that because I am feeling it in my life right now as
a missionary. I know the gospel is true with all of my heart and soul.
And I love it more than anything. Love you all sorry this is so short!
Until next week! Love you all!

~Sister Amy Callaway~
And here's some blurry pictures from The Book of Mormon class on

Thursday with Brother Mass's selfie stick!

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