Monday, April 11, 2016

Pretty uneventful week

Hello family!  

Well this week was better but much less eventful, but it was still good. But this email may be short...anywho! 

So we had a lesson with our investigator this week, her name is Crystal and she will be baptized in July. She is awesome and is working her way to baptism! We also had a lesson this week with another investigator named Shauna and she is seriously one of my most favorite people! She is having a baby girl in August and she just recently found out so she is excited and the baby's name will be Lennan which I think is so cute! Shauna and Jeff are great and they will be baptized this summer as well! 

We also found another potential investigator this week but as we were talking with her, her son was outside too and every time one of us started talking he would cut us off and start telling us some crazy story about how a giant bird tried to pick him up one time...I don't even know...then he tried to offer me a cigarette...and then he started asking me all these weird questions about my eyes and if they were real...or if they changed colors...we kinda got uncomfortable and then yeah that was exciting.

Well So I'll just start by talking about yesterday's sacrament was amazing. That fast and testimony meeting was particularly spiritual. Toward the end of the meeting a member of the stake presidency got up and began to share his testimony about obedience to the lord and his gospel. He first started by talking about Adam, and after he was cast out of the garden he began offering up sacrifices to the lord, and when asked why he was doing that he replied with "I know not. Save the Lord commanded me." And after that the angel began to explain to him why he was doing so and how it was symbolic of the savior. Then Nephi in The Book of Mormon said, "And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do...Nevertheless I went forth,..." Nephi not knowing why he had to go forth or even what he was to do but as his life went on he obeyed even if he didn't understand completely why. Obedience in the world today is almost portrayed as foolishness. But obedience to gods commandments is far from foolishness, or lack of independence. In fact it's the total opposite. It is obedience to the commandments of God that keep us free from the burden and guilt of sin. And even when we mess up it is through our Saviors grace that we can again be freed from those feelings of guilt and be made clean again.

" God doesn't command us to understand everything but rather He commands us to trust Him at all times." 

May we always trust our loving Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ who have and always will have our best interest at heart. I am grateful for Jesus Christ coming to earth and sacrificing himself for us, so that we can be made free and clean. So that we can escape the feelings of guilt, pride, and whatever else it may be that so easily beset us from coming closer to Him. I love Him for it. And I will spend the rest of my mortal life trying to thank Him for it. I pray we will all one day understand the magnitude of His sacrifice better than we do now and always live according to that knowledge. 

Love you all! Until next week!
~Sister Amy Callaway~
Sorry no pictures this week...but here's a quick selfie...:) love you all! 

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