Monday, April 11, 2016

General Conference is my best friend...

Hello hello everyone!

Okay so this email is probably going to be shorter than most. This week was harder than most. But it was still good. We had a few miracles,

This week we set our investigator Crystal with a baptismal date for July 24! She is very sweet and as we committed her to read and pray about The Book of Mormon we asked her how her experience was and she said that she got the chills when she prayed about it...everybody gets their answer differently but she is gaining her testimony of The Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith which is super important. She is great. And we are excited for her to be baptized.

Also last Monday when I told you all about that referral we got, and last Monday we had plans in one part of our area but then I had an impression that we needed to drive all the to the other end of our area (which was tough on miles) to stop by this referral. So we did and found her home! We introduced ourselves and set up a return appointment! It was a miracle! Because we hadn't been able to catch her at home for a while. Sometimes it might seem silly when we get a prompting to do something we think isn't logical but it is alway worth it!

Then we got a few new potential investigators this week from finding which I will keep you posted on next week because we haven't had lessons with them yet.

We also had a lesson with a less active who has really been struggling with her faith. There have been a few times we've gone over and she has told us that she's given up entirely. She stopped reading, stopped praying and stopped coming to church. She clearly stopped doing the things that would strengthen her testimony. But she came to church for Easter Sunday and took the sacrament I believe. When we went back the other day it was like she was a totally different person. There was a different spirit in her home. She told us that since Sunday she began reading again, and praying and what a difference it has made for her. We must never forget the simple truths of the gospel like reading and praying. They make ALL the difference!!

Then General Conference....oh my heck...what can I say?? I loved it so much! We watched the first session on Saturday at the church and then the second at a members home. Then Sunday we watched it with our ward mission leader and his wife and they are some of my favorite people. You know how so many people say, "that talk was for me, that talk was for me." Well yeah it was for you because guess what?? These are gods called and chosen servants and they are able to receive revelation for us. Which means that they did say that for you, because you needed to hear it. President Utchdorf and Elder Hollands talks were for me....and I officially need to learn German now because apparently it is the celestial language haha... One of my favorite quotes from Elder Holland was that we get credit for trying. I know that I try so hard to do so many things. But it is hard sometimes as a missionary. And just as a regular person. I fail a lot. I fall a lot. I make a lot of mistakes. But something else I love that a Elder Holland said was that,

"Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can escape the consequences of both sin and stupidity."

I needed to hear that. If there was one thing I felt most from this conference it is that God loves us. He will never leave us or forsake us. I love my Heavenly Father more than I can even say. I love my Savior for suffering for me so that I could be free from the consequences of my sins, and my stupid choices. He understands me and I am grateful for that. This gospel is true and it is led my prophets seers and revelators which I am eternally grateful for.

Love you all!! Until next week!
~Sister Amy Callaway~

North eastern Pa has its fair share of beautiful dirt we had to stop and take pictures of course :) and I always watch general conference with my family :D and the sunset over the Susquehanna :)

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