Sunday, January 17, 2016

Guess where i'm at?!

Hey there everyone!! 

I hope you all had a happy thanksgiving!! Part of me kind of thought that having transfers right before the holidays was a little bit cruel haha after not knowing where I was going to spend thanksgiving. But it was all for the best and I love my new area! I am now serving right in Philadelphia!!! How crazy is that?? Im in the Philly 4th Ward. And our church building is right in the middle of the's nuts... But it's fun. It's different to hear the city right outside when you're sitting in church haha. But I'm so excited to be here. As much as I miss Medford and all of the wonderful people that came to love so much I am excited to be here in Philly. 

Oh and, fun fact (court will love this) I pass by Will Smith's high school everyday!! Haha. I started to make up a missionary appropriate rap to the theme song of Fresh Prince of Bel Air lol. And since I'm serving in West Philly we sing "West Philadelphia called to serve!" (To the theme of fresh prince) Every time we pass by haha. I'll sing the rest of the rap someday. Or maybe I'll have Hay do it because she's better at that kind of stuff than I am. 

Anywho, we had a good thanksgiving too. We had 4 appointments that we were invited to and oh my goodness...I could not eat anything else by the second appointment...and the last two were difficult but I am grateful for everything the members did to help us have a good thanksgiving. I have far too much to be grateful for and my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude to my Heavenly Father for so many things. Even though I am away from my family I think that this was by far one of the best thanksgivings I've ever had. And I had my first ever African thanksgiving! There are a lot of people here from Liberia and I just love them! There are such great people here in our area. 

OH! And I'm in a trio again!! Total surprise I know! But I already love my two companions! We have already had lots of fun together and I just love them already! They are great sisters. The first is Sister Lefevre (luh-fever) and Sister Veater. Sister Lefevre is from southern Utah near St. George, a little tiny town called Tropic. She is so funny and I just love her! She has been out for a total of 8 1/2 months. We served around each other in New Jersey so we are excited to be companions. And she is going on her fourth transfer here in Philly. And Sister Veater is from San Diego area. And she has been out for a little over 16 months. And the last few days have been fun but a little overwhelming...i forgot, after being in Medford for so long, what it was like to come into a new area. But it has been full of adventures already! 

We a few investigators and I haven't met all of them yet so this week was a little slower in terms of teaching but it will pick up for sure! Sorry I don't have very much this week but at least you know where I am now :) and I'm sure I'll have some good stories to tell by next week!! I know the gospel is true and I love it with everything that I am. I testify of its truthfulness and the peace and joy it brings into the lives of those who make the effort to live. But I also know that we cannot ever afford to stop making that effort to live the gospel. I know that as we do so we will live to see the promised blessings of the lord come to pass. 

I'd also like to share something brief that I've been thinking about this week. I have met a lot of people out here who are members or who are investigating the church and for some reason or another may choose to stop their spiritual progress in the gospel because of a personal issue or opinion that they have about certain revelations or certain commandments. And some have even forsaken their membership in the church over these matters or even forsaken the opportunity they have to become a member of the church. Either way they have entirely stopped their spiritual progress over one bump in the road that they seem to feel like they'll never get over. And the thing I have learned that I'd like to share is this: 

We may not ever fully understand or comprehend in the present moment just "why" the Lord reveals certain things or gives us certain commandments to follow. I'm not saying that we have to follow blindly. The lord wants us to ask questions and to inquire when we have worries or concerns. He wants us to turn to him and find out for ourselves. Not to just immediately give up when any hint of uncertainty arises. But I finally realize what all of these talks about "jumping ship when things get hard" are talking about. Just because we don't understand the "why" of everything doesn't mean that we should just throw in the towel and give up on all the rest of what we have learned for ourselves to be true. 

I testify that even if we don't know right now the "why" of all God has commanded us to do, as we stay the course and keep his commandments we will one day look back and understand "why" he asked us to do that. With faith comes trials of faith. And I pray that we will all continue to do the things the lord has commanded so that we may be able to hold onto our faith.

Love you all!! Until next week! 
{Sister Amy Callaway}

Oh and p.s. If anyone wants to snail mail me my address is:
28 Llanfair Rd. Apt. 4B Ardmore, Pa 19003

Sister Lefevre, Sister Veater and I! And some members from my Medford that I miss and love! 

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