Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hello family!!

Hello family!!

Sounds like you all had a good week at the Lake Powell! Which I'm
slightly jealous of but the Lord made up for it by allowing us to
teach 19 lessons this week! We had lots of appointments this week, but
still only 2 investigators with baptismal dates but more soon to come
I have no doubt about that!

Oh and first of all I have some exciting news...SISTER JOLLEY AND I
ARE TRAINING!!!...it was super unexpected let me tell you. She's
actually not even here yet but President called us today and said that
she is coming on Wednesday. AND she is coming from the
Philippines!!!:D I am SO excited I can't even begin to tell you!!! It
was so unexpected because we are in the middle of the transfer. And so
her training is going to be kinda thrown off a bit but we are so
excited to have her with us! We were originally suppose to train at
the beginning of this transfer but the new Sister has been waiting for
her visa in the Philippines. Oh and fun fact, I'm pretty sure this
Sister knows Catherine Hansen because Catherine emailed me a few weeks
ago and told me that there was a Sister with her in the Philippines
MTC who was coming to this mission and she told me to look out for
her...and well guess what! I get the opportunity to train her now!
Pictures will come next week for sure. I'm nervous about training a
new missionary but I'm excited about it all at the same time.

Well first of all last week we started having a Book of Mormon class.
We have it in a members home and it is great because we get to invite
our investigators to come! And we all just read and talk about how it
applies to us in our day, it's really a great way to help others to
gain a testimony about The Book of Mormon and its truthfulness. But so
we started it this last week and we had our two most progressing
investigators there. Stephen is 18 and he is great! He pointed out a
lot of scriptures that he liked and we were so glad that he
participated! And we are having it again tonight so we are super
excited about that. And more people will be coming!

We are finding new investigators and always looking for more. We are
just trying to find new ways to find people too. We are also starting
a kickboxing class this coming Saturday because Sister Jolley actually
does kickboxing...while I just look like a goober in the background
haha but that's okay it should be fun!

Well this week was pretty busy and one of my favorite lessons this
week was with a woman named Theresa. We contacted Theresa because some
of her family members requested a bible and so we went to go contact
the referral and met her instead! She invited us back and we were
going to teach her The Restoration but she just had so many questions
that it took up the whole time! But it was awesome! She is great! In
the middle of her lesson one of her friends randomly showed up and
when she saw him she stood up and said "oh no! Don't you dare! Don't
smoke, don't drink, don't drink tea or coffee or anything around these
girls they're Mormon!" Haha I just thought it was so funny but at the
same time I really appreciated that she simply knew what we stood for
and she wanted to be as respectful as possible. And I was grateful for

Then this week we also started teaching a man we met a few weeks ago
from Egypt. He is a very sweet older man who is very lonely because he
doesn't know anyone here. She speaks pretty good English. However we
had to stop teaching him because some differences in cultures and we
felt that his intentions were not in learning more about the gospel so
much as it was the company. But I know he will hear the fullness of
the gospel one day when he is ready. He also invited Sister Jolley and
I to come and visit him at his villa in Giza that has a perfect view
of the pyramids! Hahaha. He is a Christian so maybe one day
missionaries will be called to Egypt and be able to teach him then,
while overlooking the pyramids!

Another lesson that I was looking forward to teaching but actually
fell through was with a man we met named Don. We met Don one day while
we were walking around in Mt. Holly, he was just walking along, happy
as could be when I stopped him and said "Hi!" Very abruptly haha. I
think I scared him a little haha. But he started talking to us and
asked who we were and I plainly told him that we were missionaries.
And he professed to be an atheist and that he didn't believe in God.
But he said he was a happy atheist. He was very kind and respectful
and I asked him if he did believe there was a God and if God had a
plan for him. He said "I don't know, what difference does it make?!" I
told him that it made all the difference and I testified of Gods love
for him. He was very kind and very funny but said that the Jehovah's
Witnesses tried to convert him and give him pamphlets and things but
he would take them and that I probably wasn't going to convert him
either. I gave him a card and he walked away but I felt like I
should've given him a The Plan of Salvation pamphlet. So, I waited for
about 10 minutes until he walked passed us again and I yelled his
name, and he stopped and then I testified again of gods love for him
and Gods plan for him. I asked him if he would be willing to learn
more and he finally cracked and said, "sure why the heck not! Youve
got a pretty *bad word* face anyway!" I didn't know what to say other
than just to laugh and I handed him The Plan of Salvation pamphlet. I
probably would've been creeped out and thought he wanted to learn for
the wrong reasons but then he immediately told me, "You know all my
life whenever someone has tried to talk to me about God, I've just
brushed it aside. So many people have tried to give me pamphlets and
stuff and I never took em'. But you caught my attention, there's
something about you. Besides your little face there's something else
about you. Something that actually touched my heart a little. So yes I
will take your pamphlet and yes you can come share more about this
with me." I was so excited! And honored at the fact that he thought
there was something different and special about me. We were to teach
him yesterday but it fell through but we set it up for next week and
he is looking forward to it! And so are we!

As for the rest of the week it was awesome! Church yesterday was great
and we had quite a few people there at church. Our goal is to fill up
an entire pew of new people! The topic at church this month has been
about The Family. For good reason too. And there were some great talks
given. There was a specific family that spoke yesterday and their
names are the Chapman family. They are awesome! One of their daughter
gave a talk on the Primary song "The Family is of God." One of my
favorite lines from the song is,

"God gave us families to help us become what He wants us to be."

And I love that so much I can't even tell you. In relation to my email
last week I know that the  Gospel of Jesus Christ helps us to become
what we are meant to become. And i have such a strong testimony of the
doctrine of the family. And I testify that it is in our families that
we become what the Lord intends for us to truly be. And I also love
how it is called the Doctrine of the Family. It's an actual Doctrine
of the gospel. And what is doctrine? Doctrine is revealed truth given
of God. We are all part of a God's family, and He has allowed us the
opportunity to create our own families here upon the earth. I honestly
cannot imagine any greater gift than having a family. And that is
something that I am constantly looking forward to, to have my own
eternal family one day. Another thing that Sister Chapman mentioned
was about Adam and Eve. And about how they were sealed together. How
they were married by the Lord and by none else other than the
priesthood power, which binds on earth what is bound in heaven. By
which our families can be together forever. She also taught a simple
truth that I loved, she said

"Every time Heavenly Father gives us a commandment, He always gives us
an example to follow. And here He did that with Adam and Eve. He gave
us an example of what Marriage is and of what order families are
patterned after."

We talked a lot yesterday about the family and I have learned so many
things out here on my mission that I know I want to use with my family
when I come home. Things I want to do to help me be a better wife and
mother someday and things I want to teach my children. I am grateful
and I testify of a loving Father in Heaven and our Elder Brother Jesus
Christ who love us enough to give us families. And to provide the way
whereby our families can be made eternal. I love this gospel and I
know that my purpose as a missionary is to find and teach families, so
that they can be together for eternity.

I love you all so much and will talk to you next week!

~Sister Amy Callaway~

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