Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Hello my loved ones!!

Okay seriously this week went by so darn fast. People aren't kidding when they say that the days feels like weeks and the weeks feel like days while you're on a mission! I want it to slow down! I've already been out for almost 6 months!! I am seriously just shocked at how fast the time has gone but that is okay! 

Anyway this week was a good one but to be honest I like hardly remember what happened haha but I will do my best to recall the events of this week! So on Tuesday we went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders, Hermana Ballard and Sister Johnstone! I love them both to death! They are awesome! So Sister Jolley went with Sister Johnstone to their area and Hermana Ballard came with me here to Medford! It was so much fun! And Hermana Ballard is just the cutest thing, and she's so funny. She forgot to tell me though that she prays in Spanish and so the first time we said a prayer together it totally threw me off haha but I love it because I like trying to see if I can understand what she's saying and I totally could! Not everything of course but most everything. I can understand it a lot more than I can speak it. I'd love to keep learning Spanish though. Who knows, maybe President will call me to be a Spanish sister haha jk that would be pretty cool though. 

But anyway, the day after we exchanged we had Zone Training and it was great. It was all about defying negative mindsets and how we can have a more positive attitude in our areas instead of just getting stuck in a rut. It was awesome and it helped me a lot. Anyway and then after Zone Training we had a lesson with one of our investigators named Lisa! And let me just tell you that Lisa is amazing!! She was a former investigator that Sister Jolley found a few weeks ago who said that she had been thinking a lot about the church and how she feels that she is "ready now." She will be baptized on August 1!! And I am SO excited!!! We taught her this week about The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the things we need to do in order to prepare for baptism, and she is looking forward to that day when she will be baptized!! Which is only a few weeks away!! And I am so excited!! If you can't tell haha  

And so the next day on Thursday we didn't have District Meeting because we had Zone a Training the day before, but we didn't have any lessons on Thursday and so we just did A LOT of finding. Which is something I basically have down to a science by now haha. Anyway that night though they were doing fireworks a huge park nearby and so Sister Jolley thought it would be a good idea to go and try to talk to some people. And I was all excited for it and so we went. And once we walked over there we realized what we had gotten ourselves into. There were so many people there. haha but even though we were kinda just thrown into this place with so many people it was still a perfect opportunity! And so we tried talking to as many people as we could but no one was interested but that's okay! We still gave out a few cards! And then we came back to our apartment and got to see the fireworks right from our window as we were planning! It was awesome! 

And so fast forward a few days to Saturday and I was SO excited for the 4th of July and President actually gave all of the missionaries permission to stay out until 10:15 but only if we had plans to be with an investigator or member...and we had neither haha. So we had to be in at 9 but that's okay! But anyway during the day on Saturday we spent most of the day in Mt. Holly which is the busiest place in our area but no it was totally dead. There were a few people here and there that we talked to and had a few miracles but for the most part everyone was gone!! It was crazy! But among some of the people that we met was this one woman named Sonia, and oh boy she was hilarious! As we got to talking with her we asked her if she would watch the Because He Lives Video and then if we could come and teach her more and she said yes! She was all for it! And we got her contact information and will be teaching her soon! Also we went to go and try to contact a referral given to us by some members and when we showed up he finally answered the door! His name is Christian and he basically told us that he is ready to get baptized!! He said he has been looking into it for some time now and with the way the world is going he feels that he is ready to make this commitment to follow God...ah!!!! MIRACLE!! We are so excited to be teaching him and will definitely keep you posted on his progress! 

Oh and also yesterday at church we got a new bishop! Which I don't think I've mentioned this before but we kinda haven't had a bishop for the last few weeks since I have been here because the bishop of the ward accepted a job in Palmyra, New York and has already moved up there. And so he has been commuting from here to there every other week to try and keep up with the ward but as missionaries it has been extremely hard not having a bishop around but they finally called a new one yesterday. And the man who was called to be the bishop just moved back I tot he Ward and has only been here for two weeks! But Our stake President was there to announce it and I finally got to meet him which was cool! Oh and dad, Im sure you know who he is, our stake President is President Vai Sikahema. He played in NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles and I think he coached them too at one point. Anyway he's super famous over here and he is an amazing man too. So it was really cool to meet him! 

So although this week wasn't the most eventful we definitely saw some miracles! Also last night we got a call from President and he told Sistsr Jolley and I that we will be getting a mini-missionary this week!!!!!!! I am seriously SO excited! She will get here on Wednesday and be with us until Sunday. And I am so excited because I went on a mini-mission too! Mine was only for three days but I just remember what it was like and the missionaries I was with and the wonderful experiences that we had! And most importantly I remember the spirit that I felt. And I hope we can help her have that same experience! So I am totally going to Sister Nita her hah! It'll be fun though it'll almost be like we are training her! 

Something I have studied a lot this week is the gift of Agency. I am so grateful for that gift. Many times I have found myself getting discouraged on my mission until I just remember that discouragement is a choice. Everything is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Obedience is a choice. Trying to live as the Savior did and trying to become like Him is a choice. I find myself reminding myself and others a lot specifically that your attitude is a choice. Since being on my mission I have definitely come to realize the importance of making decisions and making choices. And I hope we all know that know that no matter how hard some days may be its always our choice. I pray that we will all strive to choose to follow the Savior and choose to live as He as asked us to live. 

Something that Bishop Alston actually shared with me today that Elder Kacher said (and I totally have it up on my wall now!)...

"Choose to be obedient or I suggest you go home." 

I love this gospel more than anything and I am so grateful to be the lords missionary! Strive to find the miracles this week! I love you all more than you will ever know!!!
Until next week! 

Sister Amy Callaway

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