Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

Well happy birthday to Josh this week also! I hope you had an awesome
day old man😉 haha.

Okay so this week was hard. I'm not going to lie. There was a lot of
stuff that went down that will take too long to tell so I apologize in
advance for the shortness of this weeks email, but I don't really have
the time to right a novel today!

Well we got transfer calls this week and Sister Jolley and I are both
staying! But the weird thing is that this last week two Elders just
randomly showed up to our apartment with a mattress....like what the
heck?? Usually when they do that it means that you're going to be in a
trio. But we have received no such calls from president.

Well we didn't teach many lessons this week. But we had some fun
experiences. First of all we got to spend a little bit of time with
one of my favorite families in our Ward. Their names are the Bernard
family and I just love them to death. They have four of the most well
behaved beautiful little children you've ever seen. And they just
recently had their fourth baby. So we dropped off some cookies for
them to congratulate them on their newest member of the family. And
then later as we were walking down the street they invited us in to
spend a few minutes with them during their family home evening and to
read the scriptures with them. They are just the sweetest family. And
it is so easy to feel the spirit in their home. I just love them
because they are such a wonderful example of living the gospel. And if
anyone really knows me then you know that I just love babies! Even
though I couldn't hold their brand new baby girl at least we got to
see her. And it's amazing the spirit that a brand new baby brings into
a home.

Then later in the week we had another Zone goal of talking to 10
people a day and inviting them all to do something. But here is one
thing that I have come to learn about Medford...a lot of people are
very closed off the the missionaries. People know who we are and they
intentionally avoid us. Or mock us and make fun of us, or just being
flat out mean to us. Suffice it to say I've learned a lot this week
about persecution. Just one example, so we were just walking down main
st in Medford and we were walking past this brand new restaurant that
everyone loves call the Pop Shop. Well as we are walking past I see a
man and his little son sitting on a bench. As we draw closer I smiled
and said hello to the man and asked him how his day was going. He
looked up at me with this look of scorn and said "it was going great
until just now." Oooh I can't even describe to you how I felt at that
moment. Amy, wanted to smear his ice cream all over his face for being
so rude...but Sister Callaway knew better. And I knew what the Savior
would do in that moment so I just took it. I invited him to do
something and he just said "move along, you're wasting my time." I
smile and said "have a great day sir." And walked away. I didn't
understand why he had to be so rude but at least I invited him to
learn about the Restored Gospel and even though he said know at least
I fulfilled my purpose as a missionary. Oh and also a member told us
this the other day when we were having dinner with them that
apparently there is a Medford Township Facebook page and she told us
that recently she had seen someone post something on there that said
"The Mormon Missionaries are coming! Everybody get inside and hide!"
My first thought was "well at least we are known around here!" But
then it just made me sad because the harsh reality is that so many
peoples hearts are so hardened here. But that's okay because we are
still finding people! Holding appointments is another thing but
finding people we are doing that!

We also got bible bashed again this week. And yet again this man was
attacking The Book of Mormon. When the day after we had district
meeting and it was on receiving revelation through The Book of Mormon.
As we discussed it I realized that through reading the bible know and
understand what the savior did for us but that through also reading
The Book of Mormon we know and understand why he did it for us. And
specifically how it pertains to us individually and how it changes us.
And how we are saved through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.
I know can honestly say that I know without a doubt that The Book of
Mormon is true. And that because of it I have come to know my Heavenly
Father and Jesus Christ personally. Which relationship I am so
grateful for and don't know what I would do without. It is my solemn
testimony that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in reality live as
glorified and perfect login beings.

Sorry this one is so short this week but I love you all and will talk
to you next week!

~Sister Amy Callaway~

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