Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Area, New Calling

Sooo apparently myldsmail wasn't working on Monday...hence why mom didn't get an email from me! So mom I am alive don't worry. And we got permission from president to send these today I'll let you know where I'm at on Monday! 

Hello hello everyone!!

So this weeks email may not be so long because I've got lots to do!! This week was good and kind of crazy...with sister Veater leaving we had a lot of stuff that we had to do for her. She was mostly stressed about packing and so she just kind of sat there and handed me her stuff while I packed for her lol. So I got all of her stuff packed on Friday and then transfer calls came on Saturday and I found out that I am getting transferred...:( it came as a total surprise to me because I've only been here for two transfers and I honestly thought that I was going to stay at least another transfer...I love his area so much! but I actually knew that I was leaving before we even got the call.

So president called me on Friday and asked to speak with me in private...at first I thought i did something wrong, and my first thought was "oh no! What did I do??" But when he asked to speak with me he just asked me how I was doing etc...and carried on a nice conversation with me and then he surprised me and said,

"well Sister Callaway, the Lord has called you to be a Sister Training Leader...will you accept this call?"

Totally caught me off guard but without even really thinking I said "yes of course I will!" So yep I have been called to be an STL! Not sure what all of that entails, I just know that I will be helping some of the other sisters in the mission and I'll be going on exchanges with them. It will be fun! But I'm kind of really nervous haha. I feel like I am still a golden though haha. But the Lord doesn't give you anything you can't handle.  So I'm excited!

So I will let you know where I go next week!! 
Love you all! Sorry this is so short but I have to pack!!
Until next week! 
~Sister Amy Callaway~
And the Websters!! One of my favorite families here! He is from Rexburg and his dad was my stake president my first semester up at school! So funny! And then a picture of all of us "killing" sister Veater lol

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