Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dun, Dun, Dunnnnn

Hello hello everyone!! I seriously cried a little on Saturday after it hit me that my baby sister graduated from high school, but I hope everyone had a good time celebrating Hay and Zach on their graduation day! I love you Haley and I am so proud of you! I wish I could've been there but I know the lord is mindful. I hope you all had a wonderful week though! 

Also I have to wish Mom and Dad a Happy Anniverary tomorrow!! 31 wonderful years and 5 crazy daughters to prove it  haha I love you mom and dad and am so grateful for all you do! 

So I'll just cut right to the chase with the biggest news of this Friday night was transfer calls...dun dun dunnnnnn!  haha. Anyway, all week we knew transfer calls were coming and we were pretty darn sure that Sister Asi and I would both be staying in the area so we didn't even worry about it. Then the call came...Elder Bierman our District Leader just likes to drag it out and make everyone wait so he can just prolong the anxiety of the moment. But anyway he started with me. He called and said 

"Sister Callaway...(and then paused for 30 seconds, no joke. As I am holding breath and my heart is beating a million miles an hour)'re leaving."......

Then he proceeded to list all of the other missionaries who were leaving. When he got to Sister Asi he said...

"Sister Asi...(then paused for dramatic effect)'re leaving also."

WHAT?!? Total curve ball! We knew that there were some changes that would be happening and that Elders would be coming in eventually but we honestly didn't think it would be that quick. So yes Sister Asi and I are getting doubled out after the call on Friday Sister Asi and I just sat there in shock. She was surprised because she has only been here for one transfer and I just started to cry. I am seriously the biggest cry baby haha. But it hit me immediately and I felt like my heart hurt because I have grown to love these people so much. The people we are teaching, the members in the Ward, the less actives we are working with. I have become so close with so many of them and this being my first area I couldn't keep myself from crying. But the Lord knows best and we are needed elsewhere right now. I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of everyone and I can honestly say that I know that this is what is best for the people in this area. I'm just grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve in Kutztown. I'll definitely be coming back here some day. 

When we told the members and after they announced it in Sacrament meeting yesterday you just heard this big gasp haha. Everybody came up to  us after sacrament and said something to the effect of "we don't want Elders!"... And to be honest this area has had some issues with Elders before but we know that those fears will be put aside because this is what the lord wants right now. 

Anyway so this week was actually pretty great! But since I don't have much time I will tell you about the lesson we had with Tony is week. As I have said before he is the absolute best!! Seriously he is the investigator that every missionary wants. He is so funny and so willing to learn and to change. We taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week and he loves every bit of the gospel! He loves the changes that he is seeing the gospel help him make in his life. But the highlight of my entire week was this....
Yesterday at church when Tony got up to bear his testimony in sacrament meeting. Sister Asi and I had of course planned on bearing our testimonies which we did. But right before we were about to get up Tony surprised everyone and got up there to bear his testimony. And if you can just picture me I was just sitting in the back beaming and of course crying haha. Tony looked at us while he was up there and said how grateful he was for us and for the members who have helped to bring him into the gospel. That has by far been the biggest highlight of my mission. When I saw him get up there I just felt this overwhelming sense of joy. To watch someone who you have taught to the gospel to and seen the Atonement work in their life, when they are standing before you and you can honestly see the change in them...that is what it is all about. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me he opportunity to to teach Tony and his family. We have our last lesson with him tonight so that is going to be so hard haha but that is okay. I know the lord will take care of them and I will be coming back for his baptism in September. 

Something I learned this week that I wanted to share was what we learned at Zone Training this past Thursday and that is about Being of Good Cheer. That is something that our Mission President says frequently. I always thought I knew what it meant but I found out there is a far deeper meaning. I wish I could tell you everything I learned but simply put it comes down to this: happiness is a choice. Especially in the face of adversity. We always have a choice to look forward with faith. I wish I could share more but I simply pray that we will all be able to choose to look forward with faith and choose to be optimistic in the face of our trials whatever they may be. 

I'll end with my simple testimony, I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and love us. And I have seen the power of the Saviors atonement work in my life and the lives of those I love. Please I pray that we will all strive to access the miraculous gift of the Saviors atonement and try our hearsest to gain a stronger testimony of the Grace Mercy and Love that comes from seeking out the Savior. 

Love you all!! Until next week! 

~Sister Amy Callaway~

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