Friday, May 15, 2015

I Love Being A Missionary :)

Hello everyone!!

First of all...I AM SO EXCITED TO TALK TO YOU GUYS ON SUNDAY!! And second, Happy Birthday this week Momma!! You should be expecting a package from me this week :) And Happy Birthday to Rossy Poo today, aaaaand somebody better give that kid a big fat hug for me tomorrow when he comes home!! I can't believe he is already done with his mission! That is crazy! But tell him I love him and that I am so proud of him :)

Okay so this week was absolutely and completely nuts haha. Exciting yes, but utter chaos at the same time haha. And I apologize if this email is super lame but i don't have much time!! So I'll just update you on how the week went.

Well transfers were on Wednesday and I LOVE my new companion! She is the best! Her name is Sister Asi. She is this beautiful Tongan girl, born in New Zealand and raised in Reno, Nevada! So crazy that we only grew up 2 hours away from each other! She is so sweet and such a great missionary! And come to find out she has made so many connections here with members of the ward! And there were actually members in the ward praying for her to come to this area! And she is here! I know that this area needed Sister Asi, so now she is here and we are ready to work! I had met Sister Asi before because she was training another Sister who came out here the same time I did. And I knew that I just loved her because she was so sweet! And so ALL last week I kept joking and saying "what if Sister Asi is my new companion!" In all honestly I thought it was highly unlikely that she would be because I thought she would be called to be a Sister Training Leader or something. But come Wednesday at transfers I was just a nervous wreck because my trainer was leaving me and now I was getting a new companion but I didn't know who. I just felt very unsettled the entire time. But during transfers my picture came up on the screen and then they announced that my new companion was Sister Asi! I turned around and we both we just so excited!! And later she told me that when she saw my picture come up she just KNEW that I was going to be her companion! Awesome how the spirit works to confirm things huh? Anyways, We have seen so many miracles just from the last few days that we have been companions. We have been talking to literally everyone and so much has come of it! It is wonderful! It's so good to have her here because she has SO many good ideas to add to the work. For example, yesterday we did some "phone call finding" where we just looked up all the random numbers in our phone of people we didn't know and called them! Our goal as a mission is for each companionship to talk to at least 10 new people a day and it was 8 o'clock and we still needed to talk to 5 more people so we decided to do "phone call finding" and it was SO funny!! Haha but we got some return appointments out of it also! Total miracle! Oh and also I get to drive! I forgot how much I missed driving but it is sooooo nice. 

Anyway the day after transfers we had to move....which I've decided that I hate moving as a missionary haha. Transfers is a whole other story but having to move and entire apartment is so stressful, because we had district meeting and then we had to finish cleaning the rest of the old apartment, and go to the appointments we had that day and then get the keys for the new apartment and then finally get there. But all was well :) The move went well and we are in our new apartment and we are excited for the opportunity to talk to new people in the area. We know that this is where the Lord wants us. 

Hm well let's see, on Saturday Sister Asi and I had our first ever Skype lessoit was with one of Sister Asis close friends from Reno and so we got to skype in and help to teach her the The Restoration. And although there were some complications with the call itself the spirit was still so strong! It was amazing to me that we could still feel the spirit so strong even over a Skype call! And that just confirmed to me that this technology we have is truly given to us for the purpose of spreading the gospel. It was amazing! And I'm not a perfect teacher but my teaching skills are coming along! And earlier this week we had a lesson with one of our investigators, Leo. And he is awesome! He loves the gospel and the last few lessons we have had with him the spirit has been so strong! And he is getting baptized on June 7!! We are so excited to keep working with him and are so grateful for his willingness to learn! We still have been doing a lot of finding lately but that's okay I have grown to love finding. After a few experiences with some people just being flat out mean to us, I've realized that I've kind of been afraid to talk to people lately. Which makes me frustrated haha but Sister Asi is helping me to just try and overcome that fear. And through my personal studies this week I have learned so much that has helped me with this particular struggle which I would like to share. Every week we have conference calls which are pretty much like a 30 minute fireside over the phone with everyone in the mission. and a few weeks ago we heard from the Assistants to the President. They spoke to us about overcoming our fears whatever they may be. They referred to Moroni 8:16 ""... Behold, I speak with boldness, having authority from God; and I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear." Moroni 8:16, I think I may have mentioned this last week but I have been saying this to myself ALL week long! Haha I am serious. It has helped me so much. And this week I have been studying a lot about charity and humility. I have only just begun to realize what true charity is. It is the pure love of Christ and I can honestly tell you that I have started to see people as my brothers and sister and have started to feel a portion of that pure love that God has for each and everyone of them. And for me humility means not only being submissive and willing to do the Lords will but also not worrying about pleasing anyone else but the Lord. I have come to realize that it honestly does not matter what people can do so long as you are doing the Lords will. I wish I could tell you everything that I have learned this week but I am out of time and we have work to do! 

I love being a missionary! I love this work and I love our Savior! Look for ways to come unto Christ this week :)

I love you all so very much! I'll talk to you next week! :D
Love you, 

~Sister Amy Callaway~

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